Who we are and what we do

OpenPlanetary (OP) is a community-driven initiative and effort to address the need of the planetary science community for sharing ideas and collaborating on common planetary research and data analysis problems, new challenges, and opportunities.

Our common goal is to promote and facilitate the open practice of planetary science and data analysis for professionals and amateurs by organizing events and conducting collaborative projects aimed at creating scientific, technical and educational resources, tools and data accessible to all.

With 300+ members, the OpenPlanetary community is made of and intended for research and education professionals: scientists, engineers, designers, teachers and students, as well as space enthusiasts and citizen scientists.

It started back in 2015 from an initial participants effort to stay connected and share information related to and beyond the ESA’s first Planetary GIS Workshop. It then continued during the 2nd USGS Planetary Data Workshop, and aggregated more people.

We are a small group of volunteers behind OpenPlanetary pushing forward the initiative:

Nicolas Manaud

Data UI/UX Designer

Angelo Pio Rossi

Planetary Scientist

Trent Hare

Planetary Cartographer

Jonathan McAuliffe

Operations Analyst

Stephan van Gasselt

Planetary Scientist

Santa Martinez

Archive Scientist

K.-Michael Aye

Planetary Scientist

Valentina Galluzzi

Geological Mapper

Chase Million

Software Developer

Angelo Zinzi

Planetary Scientist

Mario D'Amore

Planetary Scientist

Baptiste Cecconi

Planetary Scientist

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Anyone can contribute to our effort of building this community. Whether you want to write blog posts, get help or participate to discussions in Slack, or contribute to existing or new projects on GitHub, it all starts in Slack. Fill in this form and we'll send you an invite to join our Slack team and become an OpenPlanetary member.

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